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The 1975: Fantake

We chat with The 1975 superfan experts Joe and Brittany to find out more about The 1975 from the fan perspective. Covering all topics from Drive Like I Do to why Matty Healy continuously gets canceled on Twitter.

Why Are The 1975 So Polarizing?

Join Sara Feigin and Jenna Million as they discuss the media’s ever changing opinion on The 1975, from them winning NME’s worst band of the year award in 2014, to becoming the belle of the ball for all of music journalism starting just two years later.

When Fans Turn Toxic

In this weeks episode we do a deep dive into the world of toxic fandoms. We discuss fans who turn on each other, turn on the media and even turn on their favorite artists. From Swifties to the BTSARMY, no fandom is safe from toxicity.

Music Meltdown: Is Machine Gun Kelly Pop-Punk’s Savior?

When discussing the newly knighted pop-punk king, Machine Gun Kelly sometimes you need time to process. This episode was recorded over a one month span from when our hosts first fell for Kels at the very start of the inception of Name 3 Songs to when my ex’s best friend dropped in late August to the release of Tickets to my Downfall.

Music Meltdown: One Direction’s Best & Worst Songs

Are you embarrassed to admit you have a least favorite One Direction song? Well in this week’s Music Meltdown you can join Sara Feigin and Jenna Million while they breakdown for you not only their top 5 favorite One Direction songs but take it all home with admitting to their top 5 least favorite One Direction songs.

One Direction vs The Media II: The Remaining Four

In the second part of our discussion on how the media has portrayed One Direction we dive into how the four remaining members of the boyband have been treated throughout their rise to fame as solo artists.

Music Meltdown: Louis Tomlinson Deserves More

Louis Tomlinson may have been the underdog of One Direction, but with his debut record out in the world, it’s clear that the Tommo Way is the only way forward.

One Direction vs. The Media I: The Zayn of it All

Part one of a three-part discussion on One Direction. In this episode we briefly touch on how the media reported on the group during their heyday. We then go on to dissect the media’s portrayal of Zayn once he began his solo career.


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