2022: The Year of Backpedaling Feminism

We’re looking at 2022 to connect some of the dots between the biggest pop culture moments. Last year a lot of women had their moments like Olivia Rodrigo becoming an overnight sensation, Britney Spears getting out of her conservatorship, and Taylor Swift re-recording her music to stick it to the man. But this year was different. So how did 2022 become the year of backpedaling on feminism… tune in to find out

What stood out to us more than anything? The blatant hatred for women, most notably in the Depp-Heard trial that we are now watching unfolds into other events — one of those being Tory Lanez v California where Megan thee Stallion is taking the stand as a witness.

Much to unpack! We’re also ending on a lighter note of “white boy of the month” and why musicians in particular have been so popular this year.

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