Beyoncé’s Power: A Story of Control

Beyonce has an unwavering, untouchable presence  in the pop culture zeitgeist, so much so that it’s easy to forget that she’s been a part of it for over two decades. Beyonce recently turned 41 and most pop stars age out of the job before they reach their 30th birthday, yet Beyonce is a staple that’s here to stay. So, what is the secret behind Beyonce’s power and how does she retain control of her story?

We’re joined by music and culture journalist J’na Jefferson to look into Beyonce’s career and ability to stay on top no matter what. Beyonce’s meticulous, calculated, a force if you will and the way she continues to control her story is something many other stars wish they knew how to do. J’na helps us unpack how Beyonce has remained in control, how she’s given space to Black voices, how she’s stayed relevant through all of pop cultures ups and downs and so much more.

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