Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell Dating Rumors + Pete Wentz Day

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Fangirl News: Gladiators 2 cast announcement, Tiffany & Co party featuring Florence Pugh, Dylan Sprouse and Jimin (BTS), Timothee Chalamet walking around the streets of NYC, how Suga (BTS) led Jenna down a rabbit hole of 2013 indie pop Warped Tour bands, and the 15th anniversary of the infamous Pete Wentz-Bruno Mars photo

Sydney Sweeny and Glen Powell: Deep diving on the co-star photos that are sending the internet into a chaotic spiral of dating rumors that are really cheating rumors. We’re looking at the timeline of photo drops, why this ship is so popular, and what dating gossip looks like in 2023 as compared to high-profile relationships of the early 00s like Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie. 

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