Musicians Are Standing Up For Their Mental Health

We’ve seen a slew of musicians speaking out about their mental health this year. From A-listers like Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes to Sam Fender, Santigold, and so many more, musicians at all levels are canceling tours and standing up for their mental health.

The pressures put on artists to perform every night, travel the world and show up for their fans and critics alike is immeasurable. The cost of fuel and personal upkeep on top of that adds to the stressors that cause more mental health anguish, causing artists of all levels to have to put their careers to the side to focus on their mental health more.

Why is this happening so frequently? Is it the fact that our understanding of mental health is at all-time high? Is it that musicians aren’t afraid to speak out? Is it that touring expectations are any different? We’re discussing all this and more in this episode of Name 3 Songs.

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