The Allegations Against Lizzo And Our Cognitive Dissonance

Fangirl Nonsense: Gwyneth Paltrow is putting up her guest house on AirBnb and it feel very much like a scene out of The Menu. Meanwhile, New Jeans are taking the music industry by storm. The kpop girl group performed at Lollapalooza last weekend with a massive crowd singing along. This comes just one year after their debut – could their exponential growth turn them into America’s favorite new girl group?

Three backup dancers have filed a lawsuit against Lizzo with allegations relating to harassment in the work environment. This comes as a shock to fans and netizens, given Lizzo’s public persona and embodiment of positivity. We break down what has been said by the dancers and Lizzo in this ongoing case. We also discuss the cognitive dissonance that many music fans feel when an artist proves not to be the person we thought they were – and how we as fans choose to react and move forward. 

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