Bad Bunny vs Fandom, SZA Breaks Records, & the Alt-Right

It’s a new year & we’re switching things up! We’re taking our learning from the past 2+ years of this podcast and applying it to current events. Why? With all of the feminist theory and pop culture history in our toolkit, we want to understand these events better as they happen and the implications they hold in everyday life. We talk a lot about being critical consumers and this is a chance to put on the media literacy hat in real time — we’re calling out BS and celebrating those who deserve it.

This week we’re looking at how TikTok has changed the way that fans interact with the artists they love and how the thirst for content is stronger than the boundaries artists try and put in place with their fans. Bad Bunny is making headlines for swatting a fan’s phone out of their hands when she refused to acknowledge he doesn’t just exist for her entertainment.

In more positive news, SZA made her sophomore album debut with SOS which has been number one on the billboard charts for over 3 weeks now, proving that R&B girlies can be as celebrated as your everyday average pop girlie is. And the Andrew Tate spread alt-right rhetoric YouTube pipeline is making headlines right now, so we’re looking into how this effects the youth and our feminist mission as a podcast.

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