Sam Smith Faces Fatphobia and Transphobia & TikTok’s #mascaratrend

The Western beauty standards are really hard at work making sure anybody who doesn’t fit within them can’t thrive, and Sam Smith is the latest victim of them. With the release of their video for I’m Not Here to Make Friends, Sam Smith faces fatphobia and transphobia as the conservative voices of America come after them and their work.

Along with the vitriol Sam Smith is facing we also have another hot topic discussion happening on TikTok and the apps obsession with censoring its users. If you’ve been on TikTok for more than 5 minutes you’ll probably notice users speaking in code to get around the apps censorship features, using terms like unalive for killed, seggs for sex or corn for porn. The latest issue was a trend going around where creators were using the word “mascara” as a type of double speak, but the meaning got lost in translation and it seemed to differ in every video. Leading to Julia Fox winding up in murky water due to an insensitive comment left on a male creator’s video.

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