Cole Sprouse & Joshua Bassett in an Era of Misogyny and Christian Nationalism

Pop culture moments have always caused ripple effects into culture in general. But with the tumultuous political atmosphere in America right now and the rise of Christian Nationalism and the Conservative party gaining traction, pop culture figures paying attention to politics is more important now than ever.

This week on the podcast we’re looking at…

Brands and music fans continue to berated Hailey Bieber, going as far to yell “fuck Hailey Bieber” during Justin Bieber’s appearance at Rolling Loud Festival. All of this further illustrates the trope of the “unlikeable woman” that validates harassing “bad women.” 

Cole Sprouse makes an appearance on Call Her Daddy podcast, discussing his break with ex-girlfriend and actress Lili Reinhart, the time he lost his virginity, and his mother who started him in acting as a way to earn money for the family. We examine the way Sprouse talks about the women in his life, and how his past actions reflect a pattern of covert misogyny.

Joshua Bassett won Teen Choice Awards’ “Favorite Male TV Star” and gave an acceptance speech thanking God and sharing his return to faith and calling others to do the same. We discuss what it means for a celebrity to endorse religion in a time when pop culture is effecting general culture in an era of Christian Nationalism on the rise, and what this means for Americans moving forward. 

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