Miley Cyrus Fan Conspiracies & All Time Low Court Case

TikTok was at the forefront of the pop culture discourse this last week, from dissecting easter eggs in Miley Cyrus’ Flowers music video and creating fan conspiracies, to finding out All Time Low hadn’t taken an indefinite hiatus, a lot was going on, and not all of it was true. We had a lot of fun pop culture moments this week from the members of Maneskin marrying each other to Rolling Stone having boygenius play homage to Nirvana in their cover shoot.

With the release of Flowers fans went from acknowledging the clear call back Miley was making to Bruno Mars’ song When I Was Your Man and her lyrics linking back to how she and Liam lost their home in the Woolsey Wildfire in 2018. From there the theories got wilder though and eventually reached conspiracy level with a pop culture Twitter account claiming the video was filmed in a home Liam cheated on Miley in, 14 times. This is where media literacy and journalistic integrity come into play.

Then there’s the confusing case of the anonymous sexual assault allegations against All Time Low and the seemingly questionable way in which they’ve dealt with them. We did some digging so you don’t have to and it seems that the band is still undergoing a legal battle against the alleged victims citing defamation and libel. While it may feel wrong that the band has resumed playing shows and are promoting a new album, they seem to be making the moves of innocent men. According to court findings by Rolling Stone Magazine, the libel and defamation case is still ongoing and may be moving to an actual hearing sometime this year. We’re breaking down what this means for fans, the alleged victims and the band and how this differs from cases like Heard vs Depp and Pitt vs Jolie

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