Ashton Kutcher Resigns From Thorn + Replay: Performance Art & 2009’s Pivotal Pop Moment

✨Fangirl Nonsense: Sara takes us on a journey into her world of video games and Jenna is obsessing over Sabrina Carpenter

✨We have an update in the wake of the Ashton Kutcher character letter for Danny Masterson upheaval in Ashton stepping down from his role as Chairman of the Board for Thorn, the anti-sex trafficking organization. His resignation letter was made public where he acknowledges his error in judgment, but not what that error was, and continues to call SA survivors, victims. We discuss this before an exciting episode replay!

✨Since it’s Jenna’s birthday we’re doing a throwback of her magnum-opus episode from February of 2022, Performance Art & 2009’s Pivotal Pop Moment. A deep dive episode into what exactly was going on in 2009 that room for the success of Kesha, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga…

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An Update From Thorn (Sept 14th, 2023)

How Pop Music’s Teenage Dream Ended (The Atlantic, Spencer Kornhaber, 2020)

Five ways music changed in the 2010s (BBC, Mark Savage, 2020)

Ke$ha: The Billboard Cover Story (Billboard, Bill Werde, 2010)

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Ke$ha: Confessions of a Party Animal (Rolling Stone, Austin Scaggs, 2010)

Ke$ha: I Feel Like I’m Most Pop Stars’ “Dirty Little Sister” (Us Weekly, Zach Johnson, 2012)

Ke$ha Tweets Photo of Herself Peeing in the Street (Us Weekly, Zach Johnson, 2012)

New Cover Star Kesha Opens Up About Conquering Her Eating Disorder and Being Stronger Than Ever (Teen Vogue, Andrew Bevan, 2014)

Ke$ha Checks Into Rehab For Eating Disorder: Singer Seeking Treatment For “Next 30 Days” (Us Weekly, Esther Lee, 2014)

Kesha Talks Body Image In Cosmo Cover Story: ‘I Like My Junk’ (ET Canada, Brent Furdyk, 2018)

Kesha Reveals She’s ‘Healthier Than Ever’ After ‘I Went Through the S—’ with Legal Battle (People, Jeff Nelson, 2019)

Katy Perry: The Billboard Cover Story (Billboard, Monica Herrera, 2010)

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Katy Perry on the Resilience She Found After Surviving Her ‘Darkest’ Days: ‘It Was All Worth It’ (People, Melody Chiu, Aug 2020)

Katy Perry Rocks Nude Spanx Underneath Her Sexy Power Look (Us Weekly, Emily Rekstis, 2021)

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In Lady Gaga’s Haus, All Are Welcome (Elle, Oprah Winfrey, 2019)

First Time Ever! Lady Gaga Dresses Normal (TMZ, 2010)

GAGA DRESS DESIGNER Butt Cheek Flashing Was A MISTAKE (TMZ, 2011)

Lady Gaga — Bikini Fights and Makeout Sessions (TMZ, 2010)

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