Objectification With Jung Kook / Jack Harlow + Overexposure Of Taylor Swift

This week on Name 3 Songs we’re discussing the ways in which Jung Kook & Jack Harlow objectify their fans in an accepted way and why everyone is yelling about the overexposure of Taylor Swift again.

⚡️ Fangirl Nonsense: Sara is reading Caroline Calloway’s $65 book. Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner debut a couples Gucci ad campaign. 

⚡  Jung Kook is very much in his sexy “Justified” era with his second single “3D” featuring Jack Harlow. However, this song has stirred up much controversy among ARMY with claims of Jack Harlow’s verse being misogynistic. While Jung Kook is showing us polite horniness, Jack Harlow came out swinging with objectification. We break down fans’ social contracts with Jung Kook (and BTS) and with Jack Harlow, and how each artist has his own personal brand of consensual objectification that is accepted by fans. We also dissect the lyrics to discuss what is objectification versus misogyny. 

⚡  With discussion of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce sky rocketing over the last week, this relationship raises many questions. Fans are asking: Is this a PR relationship? Is Taylor too overexposed? Is Taylor trying to recreate the amount of buzz moving form 1989 to Reputation eras? We’re discussing all of this and looking at the role fans are actively playing in these narratives. We’re also looking at past celebrity-football relationships and the pattern of women being blamed when football teams start losing. 

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