Why The Barbie Movies’ Feminism 101 Matters

Fangirl Nonsense: Harry Styles has a tattoo of Olivia’s name on his thigh. Jungkook continues on his world wide promotions for “Seven.” Plus! We read out your votes from our Instagram polls including song of the summer and your thoughts on Zayn’s “Love Like This.”

The Barbie movies’ feminism 101 is more important than most people are recognizing. We explore the ways in which the Barbie movie is a vehicle to spoon feed easy-to-understand feminism to the masses – many of whom haven’t been exposed to feminist theory or thought it did not apply to them. Barbie is making people think twice about how they’ve been negatively affected by the patriarchy. At a time when US politics are becoming more restrictive for women and minority groups, this movie might just be the Trojan horse we need to open some minds.

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