Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik Updates + Replay: Exploitative Men In Music

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⚡️Fangirl Nonsense: Nicholas Galitzine is the new It Boy of the Month. Louis Tomlinson called out Larries over a recipe for chicken parmesan. Zayn Malik cosplays as Voldemort for halloween. 

⚡  Then we have a replay! The Most Exploitative Men In Music featuring Troy McEady from Bind the Blinds and Dunzo podcasts.

If you thought Justin Timberlake ruining Janet Jackson’s or Britney Spears’ career was bad, just wait till you hear this! Sadly, men taking advantage of young pop stars is a repeating theme throughout pop culture history. What are some examples of relationships the most exploitative men in music have been in you ask? This week we’re covering; Phil and Ronnie Spector, Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola, Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams.

We’re joined by pop culture expert Troy McEady from Dunzo Podcast to take a closer look at the men who have exploited pop stars in their relationships. From glass coffins to security cameras to revenge music videos, it’s a wild ride! 

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The Most Exploitative Men in Music

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