Reclaiming 30: A Pop Star Renaissance

For too long women have had a clock ticking in the back of their minds counting down to the day they turn 30. 30 years on the planet, an expiration date put in place by the nefarious duo known as the patriarchy and tabloid culture. The past decade has gifted us with a pop star renaissance where our fave girlies are reclaiming 30.

At some point, the patriarchy decided that being a 30-year-old woman meant you were past your prime. For pop music fans, it meant you had no music left to relate to, while pop music stars were shunned from the spotlight. Tabloids called them washed up, and questioned their choices, hating them whether they listened to their biological clock or not.

This week we’re joined by a long time fave of the pod Hannah Ewens to discuss how millennial women are reclaiming turning 30 and viewing it as more of a renaissance age rather than an expiration date. Join us for a look into how this generation of 30 year olds has grasped it as a second coming of age & made this big ole age feel like the start of something new.

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