1989 Taylor’s Version Reveals History + Lance Bass Defends Justin Timberlake

Does 1989 Taylor’s version really feature a vault full of Harry Styles diss tracks? That’s our verdict…

Fangirl Nonsense: Florence Pugh dresses as Guy Fieri for Halloween and looks like everyone’s annoying cousin. Olivia Rodrigo reveals the alternate lyrics for “All-American Bitch.” Jacob Elordi says he only knew about Elvis from Lilo and Stitch, and also he can hold a whole book with one palm?  

Lance Bass says we all should have forgiveness for Justin Timberlake. This comes as a surprise since Lance is known to be a close friend of Britney, previously speaking out against her conservatorship. All of this leads us to assume Lance is playing peacekeeper in the midst of a N’SYNC reunion. 

The much-anticipated 1989 Taylor’s Version has arrived and it is opening a lot of doors to the past. Many of 1989 Taylor’s Version Vault tracks have direct ties to Harry Styles, revealing much more about their relationship than we ever knew. Taylor’s approach to 1989 differed from her previous history of writing breakup songs about men – instead she shifted her focus to a glittery pop record about being in her 20s.

There was no room for songs about Harry being a questionable romantic partner. We discuss why Taylor left these songs off of 1989 and how they would have changed the trajectory of her career. We also examine the societal conversation around 1989 when it was released in 2014, how the album gained male popularity after Ryan Adams covered the entire album, and how rudimental feminism ties into all of this.

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1989 Taylor’s Version Reveals History + Lance Bass Defends Justin Timberlake

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