Depp v. Heard: The Cultural Impact Of Celebrity Abuse Cases

It’s “believe all women,” until women point a finger at a male figure you like. The Depp v. Heard trial took over every corner of the internet from social media bots to YouTubers and TikTokers, much thanks to misinformation spreading from the Alt-Right and their propensity to meme-ify news moments to their advantage. The cultural impact of celebrity abuse cases, especially Depp v. Heard, will set a severe precedent for years to come.

This trial is further complicated when we look at the tactics that convinced otherwise feminist and liberal viewers that Heard is not a credible victim. An opinion created and backed by right-wing conspiracies, Alt-Right misinformation tactics, and the mainstream media’s inability to ignore the “they both sound bad” narrative. But this isn’t the only time a powerful man in Hollywood has used his fame to turn the general public against a woman.

We’ve seen this over the years: Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola, Kesha and Dr Luke. More recently we’ve seen  the highly publicized shooting of Megan Thee Stallion allegedly by Tory Lanez. And now Marilyn Manson is pulling out all the stops to continue his abuse towards Evan Rachel Wood in another lawsuit. All to say, the internet has been having a field day with female survivors of abuse at the hands of powerful men. 

We’re joined by culture writer Aja Romano to look deep into the cultural impact of celebrity abuse trials and just how far from the truth the conversation can go when the dark sides of the internet come out to play.

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