Fan-Exclusive Paparazzi Photos + Is It Gay To Kiss Your Bff?

This week was a big one for celebrity photos – both in the way they originated and the implication of their content. From paparazzi photos of Louis Tomlinson appearing on a Twitter fan account first to Kylie Jenner and Stassie sharing a photo of them kissing on Instagram, we have a lot to look at.

Louis Tomlinson, the former One Direction member, was recently spotted in LA with a possible new girlfriend. Interestingly, the paparazzi photos of the two were posted on Twitter fan account @HLDHQs and were nowhere to be found on traditional paparazzi outlets like BackGrid where tabloids can access them. If these photos did originate from a fan account, how were they obtained and how were they paid for? We’ll dive into what this could mean for the future of celebrity paparazzi and fandom culture.

Then, we look deeper at Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Instagram post, featuring a photo of Kylie Jenner kissing her best friend Stassie on the mouth. This sparked questions about Kylie’s sexuality as someone who has only publicly dated men, and whether or not kissing your same-sex friend is an act of queerness. We explore the significance of this as an A-list celebrity and the implications of these actions.

Plus, we talk about Machine Gun Kelly’s alleged split with Megan Fox, the fun chaos that came out of the Brit awards with Harry Styles and Charli XCX, and Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance and pregnancy announcement. 

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