Body Discourse, Brad Pitt Allegations, & Nonbinary Actors

What are the implications of current trending topics being discussed in pop culture? From the resurgence of the early 2000s trend of your body being a fashion accessory to another long-beloved actor with abuse allegations against him, nasty trends are rearing their heads. We’ve had some pop culture wins this week in funny moments, but mostly the forecast is worrisome.

Lizzo once again had to speak out about the world commenting on her body and not understanding why it’s such a focal point when she’s out here giving everyone art. Brad Pitt is seemingly the “it boy” of the moment even though he’s over 50 and has abuse allegations against him involving the FBI. But we are seeing a win when it comes to actors who identify as Nonbinary being accepted and even celebrated for their gender fluidity. With House of The Dragon star Emma D’Arcy being nominated for a Golden Globe and The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey saying they’d rather exist between genders.

We’re helping unpack these pop culture moments to give a bit more clarity where things are getting muddled and looking into the adverse or positive effects these moments may have on the trajectory of the pop culture zeitgeist going forward.

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