Bebe Rexha & Ava Max Assaulted On Stage + Kesha Settles Court Case

Fangirl Nonsense: Harry Styles flirts with fans from stage, Kourtney announces her pregnancy with Travis Barker with a tribute to “All The Small Things” music video, kpop idols turn into fans at Bruno Mars’ concerts in Seoul, Tomorrow x Together announce collab song with Jonas Brothers

Bebe Rexha & Ava Max: Bebe Rexha suffered and got stitches after a fan threw their phone on stage, striking the singer at her New York City concert June 19. Two days later, Ava Max is assaulted on stage at her LA show as an adult man makes his way on stage and slaps the singer. We explore the significance of these events in the context of shifting concert culture and fan expectations, including how fans engage with “accessible” pop stars. We also discuss issues of concert safety and what “threatening” fan behavior looks like. In the context of these events, the adult male assailants were not assumed to be safety risks – would a fangirl be treated in the same way? 

Kesha Court Case: Kesha and Dr. Luke settled their court case that began in 2014, just one month prior to the trial. This comes after the New York Court of Appeals ruled that Dr. Luke is a “limited public figure,” subjecting Luke to a higher burden of proof in his defamation case against Kesha. The two shared an Instagram post with their statements on June 22 as part of their resolution to the lawsuit. We discuss why this is a win for Kesha by avoiding a trail that would likely have brought up past trauma and online vitriol for victims of abuse. 

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Bebe Rexha & Ava Max Assaulted On Stage + Kesha Settles Court Case

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