Frank Ocean’s Coachella Performance + Kpop Fans Mourn Moonbin’s Passing

This week on Name 3 Songs we cover…

Fangirl News: Favorite moments of Coachella weekend 1 including Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello sightings, Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro performing together, and more.

World News: We’re taking a moment to talk about some of the issues happening in America including gun violence, journalists losing their jobs, and the ongoing legislation against human rights.

Frank Ocean: What happened at Frank Ocean’s Coachella set that made fans angry and led to him dropping out of weekend two? We discuss fans’ expectations of performers that lacks the compassion of seeing each other as human.

Fan Grief: With the passing of kpop idol Moonbin from Astro. We explore what fan grief looks like in the kpop community and within parasocial relationships, and the ways that artists can validate fans’ mourning. 

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