Is Scooter Braun A Bad Guy? + Lizzo Lawsuit Updates

Fangirl Nonsense: Logan Lerman is the only boy that matters, Bad Bunny posts his own nude (or semi-nude?), and we’re obsessed with the movie Bottoms. 

Lizzo intends to sue backup dancers who brought forth a lawsuit against the pop singer for workplace misconduct. Lizzo’s lawyer Marty Singer presented evidence including photographs of the backup dancers posing with performers from a topless cabaret in Europe, which Singer claims does not align with the dancers’ claims in the lawsuit. At the present time, both parties are set on taking this to court. 

In the week following the rumors of Justin Bieber leaving Scooter Braun and SB Projects, we now have confirmation that Justin is indeed seeking new management, as well as further confirmation that former SB Project artists have also left in recent months. We dive further into Scooter’s reputation within the music industry – behind the scenes and a businessman, and his deep need to have a positive public image. It appears that Taylor Swift may be the only girl boss powerful and petty enough to face off with Scooter. And we might finally have insight into where Taylor’s beefs with Scooter all started.

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Is Scooter Braun A Bad Guy? + Lizzo Lawsuit Updates

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