INTERVIEW: Zolita, “I Never Thought Twice About Putting Myself Out There as a Gay Artist”

This week’s artist in the interview hot seat is one of our personal favorite TikTok discoveries, Zolita. From the very start of her journey towards pop stardom, Zolita knew that her queer identity had to be at the forefront of this project, and she hasn’t looked back since.

While many fans first discovered Zolita on TikTok from her viral sapphic love song, ‘Somebody I Fucked Once’ the LA native has been making waves singing about her lesbian journey since 2015. Her music covers all the topics near and dear to the Name 3 Songs ethos!

Join us for this insightful interview with TikTok icon, Zolita, where we discuss everything from tabloid culture to media’s obsession with “fridging their gays” to learning just how important it is to have a strong support system when you’re trying to make it in this industry!

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