Time to Talk About Male Objectification

Male pop stars and actors are expected to fit within beauty standards and maintain peak physiques in the midst of the gawking media and general public. They’re expected to receive public commentary on their body — and they’re expected to handle it well, no matter how explicit or degrading the comment is. The conversation around objectification and sexualization almost always revolves around women, but it’s time to talk about male objectification and the precedent it sets.

We’ve started calling out sexist and over-sexualized remarks when it comes to femme presenting bodies — but where is that energy when it’s a male star? On this week’s episode, we’re focusing in on the ways in which both male pop stars and actors, especially those who have grown up in the spotlight, are objectified and sexualized from a young age. Their dating lives, sex lives and bodies ogled and discussed like it’s no big deal. From Nick Jonas being hounded about his choice to wear a purity ring to Zac Efron being stripped without his consent at the MTV Movie Awards by Rita Ora, we thought it was time to talk about male objectification in Hollywood.

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