Sexual Misconduct and Accountability in Alternative Music

Often when allegations of sexual misconduct come out, it is reported on by the media and receives considerable backlash from the music community. In some cases, the community rallies together to dethrone the artists from their platform, in the case of PWR BTTM in 2017 and Burger Records in 2020. But in many cases, the artists are let off easily with a blanket apology and continue to release music with little affect to their career, like emo singer Front Porch Step. This is why we need to talk more openly about sexual misconduct and accountability in Alternative Music.

We take a deeper look into these cases and why sexual misconduct reoccurs at alarming rates in the music industry. What is the psychology behind this? How has this behavior been perpetrated across decades? How can this behavior be stopped and prevented? What is accountability and how do we apply it effectively?

While it’s a difficult conversation, it’s imperative that we continue having it, not just when allegations come out, but year-round. If we are to truly change the music industry into a safe environment for all, then all sectors of the industry from artists to CEOs have a responsibility to learn, call out, make changes and educate their peers and employees at all levels. 

As always this podcast is largely opinion-based. Nothing we say is anything out than our personal thoughts and feelings based on pre-existing knowledge or facts we’ve picked up and cited kindly for you below // If you’d like to discuss anything we talked about today in greater detail with us, you can find us on Twitter @Name3Songs or @sara_feigin & @jenna_million

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