Grieving As a Fangirl: From Death to Disbandment

Grief is a complex state of being, one that takes a person through an array of emotions from anger to sadness to acceptance and everything in between. Grieving can feel incredibly personal, and as a fangirl, the outside world judges you when you’re celebrating, so when you’re grieving it’s a whole other ballpark. So what does grieving look like as a fangirl, especially when you’re dealing with everything from death to disbandment? 

In this week’s episode, we’re heading back to university to get a crash course in the psychology behind grief, and how grieving doesn’t just belong to those who have a kinship to those who are lost. When music is what most of us rely on when we’re in times of mourning and dispair, it can be so much harder to deal with grieving as a fangirl when those in your inner circle don’t understand your loss. From the death of artists like Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and more to hiatuses that turn to disbandment, breakups that lead to comebacks, and bands who ghost their fans forever, we’re looking into it all this week!

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