The Power Of Male Fans & The Subjugation Of Fangirls

The vastly different way male fans are discussed in comparison with female fans just proves the power male fans hold and how female fans are looked down on by the general public and the media at large. The power male fans hold is something that “fangirls” only wish they had access to, and that lack of power, time and time again leads to their subjugation.

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by journalist Lucy Ford to discuss the ways in which being a fanboy isn’t really that different from being a fangirl. But, because society grants females access to their emotions, and bars men from that same emotion, fangirls are viewed as manic and hysterical while men are just “being men.”

Join us for this in-depth look into the ups and downs of fan culture and how once again, toxic masculinity and the patriarchy are to blame for everything.

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