Fanfiction But Make it Gay: From the Emo Scene to Larry Stylinson

If you grew up as a teen on the internet, odds are you came across fanfiction of your favorite band – whether by accident or on purpose. And if you dove even farther in, you wound up discovering Slash Fiction… Reading/writing fanfiction is a totally normal way to participate in fandom! And with the creation of SlashFic, fans truly said “fanfiction but make it gay. And as per usual, this was judged, because anything loved by teen girls is always stigmatized. 

But why was Slash Fiction so popular within the emo music scene? What came first, the fictionalized romances of favorite band members or the on stage homoeroticism? How far is too far when you’re writing fanfiction about real people? And did slash fiction really ruin Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles’ friendship? 

We’re unpacking all of this and so much more with the help of Dr Judith Fathallah, cultural studies academic specializing in fandom and emo music. And if you’ve read this far and have no clue what we’re talking about  – don’t worry, we’re breaking it down piece by piece. 

Follow the links to learn more about Judith’s work on fanfiction, emo culture and stage-gay.

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