Taylor Swift Stands Up to The Haters

Over 15 years and 11 Grammy wins, Swift has received criticism for writing silly love songs for girls, for dating too many men, for writing songs about her exes, for allegedly being a “snake” (thanks Kanye & Kim). What pushed Taylor Swift to stand up to the haters?

In this episode, we’re joined by long-time Swifties, Soph, Lizzy, and Joss to discuss how Swift squashed the criticism with her sixth album Reputation (2017). After a year of silence from Swift, she dropped Reputation’s lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” – a scathing middle finger to the music industry and the media filled with snakes, vaults of money, and 15 different Taylor Swifts from various eras.

Reputation was the moment Swift stopped caring what the media said about her, stepping into the most authentic version of herself. With the release of Folklore and Evermore in 2020, Swift has finally gained the approval of the media (and took home a Grammy for Album of the Year along the way). But with her turbulent history, how long will the media love Taylor Swift? And when will they realise they are the haters she’s standing up to?

Big thanks to our guests! If you want to talk more, you can find them at the following: Soph (@sophjonesmusic + Download Your Thoughts Pod), Lizzy (@lizzyzyburt + @fairviewofficial), and Joss (@josbrago).

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We discussed more of Taylor’s career from the outsider perspective in Taylor Swift versus the Victim Narrative and Misogyny in Pop Music: The Nice Guys and Pick Me Girls.

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