Fans vs Stan Culture: From Catfish & the Bottlemen to Taylor Swift

To continue the toxicity within fandom discussion we brought on three fans, Cassi, Taylor,  and Jesus, who have all experienced stan culture first hand to talk in-depth about what it’s like being a super fan in the days of social media. Both Taylor and Jesus are big fans of Taylor Swift and other mostly mainstream pop artists, whereas Cassi is a huge fan of British rockers, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Topics we discuss this week include fandoms going after other fandoms on social media, fans hating on their favorites on Twitter, what it’s like stanning an artist who isn’t active on socials (or worse, not making music in general) and so much more.

!!!! As always this podcast is largely opinion-based. Nothing we say is anything out than our personal thoughts and feelings based on pre-existing knowledge or facts we’ve picked up and sited kindly for you over at

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