How Harry Styles Broke the Mold of the Ex-Boybander

Since the second the media laid eyes on Harry Styles, they labelled him as a womanizer. While some still try and push this label on him, the metamorphosis Harry has gone through since becoming a solo artist is clear. Through it all Harry Styles managed to avoid the narratives pushing him to be a womanizer and broke the mold of the ex-boybander.

It’s taken us almost 100 episodes, but it’s finally Harry’s turn to have a whole episode dedicated to him, his growth, and his relationship with the media. With the release of Harry’s House and the choices he’s made with what press he’s spoken to about this album, it’s clear Harry is coming into his own. 

This week we’re looking into how Harry moved on from the chosen label of womanizer and surpassed all ex-boyband member expectations. Join us for a deep dive into Harry’s slow and steady metamorphosis from bubbly boybander to long lasting pop icon.

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