Does America Hate Girl Groups? From Y2K to KPOP

After the Spice Girls exploded onto the pop culture scene with their girl power message, many girl groups followed in their wake but none have had the same lasting affect on pop-culture. With kpop taking over the airwaves, we’re still to see if the Y2K girl group hype can come back or does America just hate girl groups.

The American music industry tried to recreate the Spice Girls success to no avail. We saw girl groups like No Secrets, Dream, and Play with no real purpose or personality other than the fact they were a group of girls that sang songs together. 

Then came Little Mix and Fifth Harmony – while Little Mix have been one of England’s most successful and longest-standing girl groups, they never took off in America. Even Fifth Harmony didn’t stand the test of time, they just couldn’t get the girl group dynamic down like Little Mix or other British girl groups before them had.

Meanwhile, the kpop industry has had wildly successful girl groups from Girls Generation and 2NE1 to Twice and Red Velvet. But outside of kpop fandom, Black Pink are one of the few to leave a mark on the American music industry, having performed at Coachella and collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Dua Lipa.

So what does Korea get right about girl groups? And will America ever be able to get on board with a group of girls promoting empowerment?

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