Larry Stylinson: When Fandom Goes Too Far

Fantasizing about your favorite same sex band members falling in love with each other is all fun and games, that is until you refuse to believe they’re not actually together. The fans who shipped Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson together, aka Larry Stylinson really showed what toxic fandom really is.

Since the formation of One Direction, it was obvious to fans that Harry and Louis gravitated towards each other. And in the first year and a bit of One Direction, the boys played into their fondness of each other, especially Harry. But as they matured, and fans started taking their Larry Stylinson ship to conspiracy theory levels, Louis, who played more a background role in the band, was constantly hounded by the press about his and Harry’s relationship.

It’s been over a decade since the formation of One Direction and 5 years since the band went on hiatus, and Louis still can’t shake Harry Styles from his narrative. This week on the podcast we’re discussing why fans crave male on male affection so much, and how this hunger has led a subsection of One Direction fans down a toxic shipping rabbit hole otherwise known as Larry Stylinson.

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