Boys to Men: When Heartthrobs Split From Their Teen Pop Image

There comes a time when boys turn to men and teen pop heartthrobs must split from their innocent image to become a promiscuous adult — and they make a whole album to let you know about it. 

This phenomenon all started when Justin Timberlake traded N*SYNC and his puppy dog image for the sensual R&B tunes on his debut solo record Justified (2002). Taking on a new musical direction, Justin earned the title of “white Michael Jackson,” many thanks to the writing of Timbaland and Neptunes who originally wrote the record for Michael Jackson himself. 

Timberlake became the first boybander to successfully rebrand himself and move away from the heartthrob image adored by teen fangirls to be taken seriously by an older, male demographic.

Using Justified as the blueprint, many other male pop stars and boy banders have leaned into R&B and sexually explicit lyrics to follow in the footsteps of Timberlake. Among these include Jesse McCartney’s (song title) (2009), Nick Jonas’ self-titled debut (2014), Justin Bieber’s Purpose (2015), Zayn’s Mind of Mine (2016), and Liam Payne’s LP1 (2019). 

Some of them made a smooth transition into their bad boy (or bad man, I should say) image while hitting #1 on the Billboard 200, while others flopped in the worst way possible. This week we’re ranking each of these transitions from least to most suave. Tune in to find out which had us cringing! 

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