Fefe Dobson on Female Empowerment and Staying True to Yourself

From the second Fefe Dobson entered the music industry, “the man” was trying to tell her what to do. But she stuck to her guns and followed her heart and got to create the pop-rock music she knew in her soul she was meant to be creating. Join Name 3 Songs and we sit with Fefe Dobson to talk about female empowerment and staying true to yourself.

When the music industry tries to put you in a box, what do you do? For Fefe Dobson, “Brandy Spears” was the box industry executives tried to force her into. Referring to a black girl like Brandy with a pop voice like Britney, Dobson knew she would never be successful playing a role that wasn’t true to herself. Instead, she made her mark in music history with her 2003 rock-infused debut album at the age of 18.

In this week’s episode of Name 3 Songs, we sit down with Dobson herself to hear about the challenges she faced over the years in an industry that didn’t know how to handle her. Despite the ups and downs, Dobson remains clear in her passion for creating authentic music. In our exclusive interview, she tells us about the importance of empowering women in music and lets us in on some of the many “blessings” she received over the years like seeing Miley Cyrus perform her song “Start All Over.” 

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