The Importance of Boy Bands to Pop Culture and Their Dark History

Throughout history, boy bands have been a massively lucrative enterprise for the music industry, thanks to their main demographic of teen girls. Join us to really learn about the importance of boy bands to pop culture and their dark history.

Heartthrob boy bands + adoring fangirls = big money! And this is where things get shady. Behind every successful boy band is a man with industry know-how (and sometimes even nefarious intentions.)

We’re joined by Maria Sherman, author of Larger Than Life: A History of Boy Bands, to explore the dark history of boy bands and the men who pull the strings – from Maurice Starr’s shady contracts with New Kids on the Block and New Edition to Lou Perarlamn using Backstreet Boys and Nsync as the front of a Ponzi scheme. We also discuss their impact on pop culture which led to the rise of  One Direction (thanks to Simon Cowell) and BTS (a la Big Hit Entertainment.)

All of this to say, are boy bands inherently sexist? And at the end of the day, do we even care?

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