Men in Music and Their Mental Health

Toxic masculinity has created a debilitating stigma around mental health – telling men to suppress their emotions rather than seek help. This can lead to unhealthy behaviours like using female friends as therapists, gaslighting and manipulation, and even abuse in extreme cases. This is why this week we’ve decided to focus on men in music and their mental health.

In this episode, we examine male artists including Sam Fender, Yungblud, James Blake who are setting an example of how to cope with toxic masculinity and mental health in a healthy way. We also discuss others like Twenty One Pilots who sing about their mental health struggles but do little more to destigmatize actually getting help.

This is a music commentary podcast based on pre-existing knowledge and facts cited below. If you’d like to discuss anything we talked about today in greater detail with us, you can find us on Twitter @Name3Songs or @sara_feigin & @jenna_million

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TW: Mentions of suicide and other mental health disorders such as narcissism and gaslighting

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