Live Chat Replay: When Idolization Goes Too Far

We hopped on Stereo, an app where you can essentially host a live podcast, to have an episode debrief of “When Idolization Goes Too Far.”

We were joined by some incredible listeners and some new friends to discuss our thoughts on what idolization really means. Tune in to listen back to our live chat!

If you’ve been enjoying our episodes and wish that you could join us to debrief afterwards, we’re going to start doing these chats more regularly! So if there are any old episodes you’d love to talk about in more detail, hit us up in the DMs and let us know and we can plan a Stereo chat on that in the future.

During this week’s episode debrief, we talked more at length about the differences between super fans and fans who take things too far. What it means to have a healthy para social relationship with those you admire most, and what are signs you’re taking that relationship to an unhealthy and dangerous level.

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