The Inescapable Misogyny in Songwriting

The number of times we’ve listened to a song, as female-identifying humans, and thought “wait… does this singer hate me…” are truly too many to count. So in this week’s episode, we decided to look deeper into why misogyny in songwriting is so inescapable. From the crooners of the 60s, to the rockstars of the 80s all the way to modern times with pop-punk and emo music to popstars like Ed Sheeran and even Taylor Swift, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find at least one song that’s hating on women. From straight forward women-hating lyrics all the way to singers poetically waxing their way through hidden misogyny, it’s inescapable. Misogyny in songwriting knows no bounds and sadly even female artists have it in their songs. This conversation is just scratching the surface of all the ways songwriters have made sure to let their biggest fans know that they don’t respect the women who love them with no abandon. 

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Internalised Misogyny playlist: 11 Songs by Women Hating Women (2016)

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