The Power of A Female Voice in Songwriting with Jenna Andrews

We know the music industry has a gender equality issue, but looking at the stats of songwriting teams is shocking – only 12.6% of songwriters are women and only 2.6% of producers are women, according to a report by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. Join us and Jenna Andrews as we discuss the power of a female voice in songwriting.

One of those powerhouse women behind many of today’s hits like BTS’ “Butter” and Benee’s “Supalonely” is Jenna Andrews. We caught up with Jenna to get her insights on everything from learning to find your voice as a woman and advocate for yourself to the importance of speaking about mental health. Plus, we get her take on what it’s like to be the only woman in a room full of male songwriters and producers and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

You can follow Jenna Andrews on Instagram and Twitter and check out her recent work on “Always Been You” by Jessie Murph and “Blondes” by Blu DeTiger.

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