Music Meltdown: Why We Avoided The Bandwagon

In this month’s rendition of Music Meltdown we take a trip down the darker side of memory lane as Sara Feigin and Jenna Million open up about the musicians they chose not to listen to for fully insane reasons, only to later on in life realise their wrong doings and thus ran after the bandwagon screaming to be let on. We cover everything from Paramore to Taylor Swift to Bring Me The Horizon in this wild ride filled with lots of internalised misogyny and a bit of fandom fear. 

Keep scrolling to see some hilarious photos of young emo Sara, young scene kid Post Malone and so much more!

If you had a band you used to hate for no reason and want to share in the trauma with us, come chat over on Twitter @Name3Songs or if you want to relate on a more personal level chat with us one on one @sara_feigin & @jenna_million

Photos mentioned in the episode:

Scene King Post Malone
baby emo Sara

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