The Fangirl Stigma II: Ashton Irwin’s Internalized Misogyny

We continue our conversation on the stigma around fangirls by discussing bands who have been unfairly judged for having female fans. As well as discussing bands who famously have spoken poorly of their majority female fanbases.

For part two of our discussion on fangirls we wanted to discuss bands who have said some controversial things about having a predominantly female fan base. Join Sara Feigin and Jenna Million as they uncover double standards in the pop-punk world, where bands are judged by outsiders for attracting female fans while those in the scene don’t seem to bat an eye over it. We then take a trip to Australia and discuss some questionable interviews with pop-rock princes 5 Seconds of Summer, a band that’s polarizing in the world of music for being catapulted into fame for touring with the biggest boyband of the 21st century, One Direction.

 !!!! As always this podcast is largely opinion-based, while we do in-depth research and include all sources in our show notes, we are humans with opinions. Nothing stated in this episode or any episode is meant to invalidate any listener’s personal views or feelings.

Detailed show notes including images and articles mentioned in the episode can be found on our website,


5 Seconds of Summer: Inside the Wild Life of the World’s Hottest Band (2015)
The worst video interview ever starring 5 Seconds of Summer (2014)
5 Seconds of Summer Want You Back: ‘Our Purpose Is Very Different Than Other Bands’ (2018)
The Guardian: Bands who bemoan their ‘teenage girl’ fans are missing the point of music (2016)
Band of the week in 30 seconds – 1990nowhere

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