Music Meltdown: Our Music Obsessions

On Wednesdays for a special treat we’re going to be uploading sidequest episodes where we discuss personal fangirl moments, our hot takes on hot topics and general music musings to let our lovely listeners feel more like our buddies and less like acquaintances. In our first rendition of Music Meltdowns we’re going through our most listened to music on Spotify using an awesome website called Obscurify. This website is kind of like your Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year, but you can use it at any time. We take you guys on a wild ride down our most recently most played tracks and artists and well as our most played artists and tracks of all time. We learn what music genres mean using the incredible site Every Noise.

Interested in hearing any of the tunes we gushed about in this episode? Well we have you cover and we made you a very beautiful Spotify Playlist with all our favorite jams on it!

Want to chat with us about your Obscurify finds? Tweet us at @Name3Songs or personally at @sara_feigin and @jenna_million

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