Music Meltdown: Australian Artists You Need To Know

In this week’s episode of Music Meltdown Jenna takes the reigns as we travel down under to find out all about the music that’s making waves in Australia.  While living in Melbourne for a few months in 2018 Jenna discovered some of her all-time favourite artists. Contrary to what most American’s might think, Tame Impala isn’t the only incredible music coming out of Australia at the moment. Jenna teaches us about sad boys Tiny Little Houses, indie rockers Spacey Jane, pop songstress Jack River, soulful singer Didirri, punk rockers A Swayze & The Ghosts, jazzy First Beige, and more surf rockers that dominate the scene.

To check out any of the artists mentioned in this episode and to hear an extended list of incredible musicians coming from Australia you can check out Jenna’s playlist on Spotify

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