The Fangirl Stigma I: Why Does the Music Industry Hate Teen Girls?

Name 3 Songs is a podcast where two women in music discuss our viewpoints on music stereotypes and misconceptions. In this episode, we start to pick apart the stigma behind fangirls. We discuss the first time fangirls appear in history, at a classical piano concert in Germany in 1841, at the time it was thought of as hysteria and was dubbed Lisztomania. We touch on how fangirls are made to feel that their opinions are not valid by not only the media but also those closest to them. And the kicker of it all is how they’re made to feel guilty about loving music that a lot of the time is created with their interest specifically in mind. 

All of our research done for our episode is cited below. All the opinions voiced in the podcast are our own, based on lived experiences being music fans and working members of the music industry for over 10 years.



The Romantic Power of Music [2014]

Pitchfork: In defense of Fan Girls (2015)

Why Teenagers Obsess Over Pop Stars (2011)

Documentary: I used to be Normal (2018)

The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story (2019)

The Wanted fan who hid in a box (2012)

Band of the week: Sea Girls


Important Photos:

Franz Liszt photographed in 1860 by Franz Hanfstaengl,

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