Episode 1: The 3 Song Man

Name 3 Songs is a podcast where two women in music discuss our viewpoints on music stereotypes and misconceptions. In this episode we discuss our namesake, the infamous 3 song man and all those who have come before and after him. We deep dive into the psyche of why men feel the need to question women for rocking a shirt of a band they may or may not listen to. We deep dive into what wearing a band shirt means and when our own personal thoughts and feelings on gatekeeping band shirts.

All of our research done for our episode is cited below. All the opinions voiced in the podcast are our own, based on lived experiences being music fans and working members of the music industry for over 10 years.

Episode Sources:

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The Kylie/Kendall Jenner shirts mentioned in the episode:

Other research done for the episode includes audience research through our personal channels.

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