TikTok, Viral Hits and Misogynistic Algorithms

From viral hits to misogynistic algorithms, TikTok and those who use it are trying their hardest to create a brand new and completely separate music industry ecosystem. TikTok sees unsigned musicians become content creators and A-listers are forced to learn a skill the rich and the famous can never fully understand.

This week we’re stepping out of our comfort zone and discussing something that’s happening in real time, the creation of the TikTok music industry. We’re looking into the ways in which mainstream artists are inorganically trying to go viral, and how unknown artists are exploding overnight from just one song.

We’re joined by Dev Lemons best known for her TikTok and YouTube channel SongPsych, to look into how TikTok is changing pop music and what this means for the women that are making music and seeing success and loss on the app. This is an in-depth look at the changing ecosystem of the music industry and how being part of the cultural movement that is TikTok viral fame might leave behind a wake of smaller artists trapped in major record deals because they didn’t know any better.

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Featured TikToks

Salem Ilise – Mad at Disney

Salem Ilise – Emily Mariko song

Salem Ilise – Me or the PS5

Savanna Santos from Avenue Beat (F 2020 fame) – Hey Mom // Like a Woman

Emmwee/Emmy – Stupid Big Teeth



Chaz Cardiganexample 2

Bella Poarch build a bitchresponse vid

response” songs of good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo (which was legit a trend)

Curtis Waters’ Stunnin and this tiktok

Emmwee & her original YouTube Video

Jason Derulo – Savage Love – literally stole the music from a Polynesian dance song

Jack Harlow – First Class

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