Why Are The 1975 So Polarizing?

(TW: addiction/sexual assault) — As the title of this episode so aptly states, The 1975 have been a pretty polarising band throughout their career. Join Sara Feigin and Jenna Million as they discuss the media’s ever changing opinion on The 1975, from them winning NME’s worst band of the year award in 2014, to becoming the belle of the ball for all of music journalism starting just two years later. We discussing Matty Healy’s acceptance of his narcissism and how the singer’s self-aware God Complex is both compelling and exhausting. Of course, no conversation about Matty Healy is complete without discussing his hot-takes and actions in regards to his political and cultural beliefs, we touch on times he went too far, when he didn’t go far enough and when he got things just right.  

!!!! As always this podcast is largely opinion-based, while we do in-depth research and include all sources in our show notes, we are humans with opinions. Nothing stated in this episode or any episode is meant to invalidate any listener’s personal views or feelings.

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