One Direction vs The Media: Fantake

The final installment on our dissection of One Direction in the media is here and we felt the best way to wrap this all up was to get some fan experts involved. We took to TikTok, the land of accepting and lovely One Direction fans and found three incredible guests for this episode in Emily, Emelly and Lindsey. Today’s conversation goes over Zayn’s departure from the band from a fan perspective, their memories of finding out the hiatus was happening and their personal feelings and opinions on the new personas each member took on as solo artists. We talk at length about the fan perception of Harry Styles and how the singer likes to keep his private life private and thus fans have created an idea of him out of the little tidbits of his personality he gives them access to. Liam Payne’s attachment to One Direction is a topic that’s hard to glaze over, and we really dive deep on why we think Liam has had the hardest time letting go of his time in the boyband. Of course we touch on Louis Tomlinson and how he always felt like the underdog, and how unproblematic Niall Horan is. Join hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million on this closing episode of One Direction vs The Media, it’s a wild wild ride.

!!!! As always this podcast is largely opinion-based. Nothing we say is anything out than our personal thoughts and feelings based on pre-existing knowledge or facts we’ve picked up and sited kindly for you over at

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