Girl Groups Were the Original Punk Icons

What if we told you that early 1960s girl groups were punk before punk music existed? This week we’re going on a wild ride to uncover the true history behind how girl groups were the original punk icons.

Years before The Beatles set foot in America, The Shirelles had wild success as a respectable girl group, paving the way for The Ronettes and The Shangri-Las to take the same sounds and put a distinct rebellious edge to the lyrics and appearance. 

This teenage rebellion led to inspiring a generation of punk legends like The Ramones and Blondie. 

This week we’re joined by music and culture journalist Kurt Suchman to rediscover a pivotal piece of music history. 

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  1. For sure, when I first heard “When I met him of a Su nday, the first thought was “this sounds like punk.”

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